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Company Description

MySingleLink is a DBA for Textile Computer Systems Inc, a Texas-USA based company, has been in business since 1987. It is a technology company providing services for Consumers and Merchants. Under the leadership of its President Mr. Gopal Nandakumar, a free app for Consumers namely 'MSL Wallet', a free app for Merchants namely 'MSL POS' and supporting web sites and virtual terminals have been developed based on many US Patents issued to MySingleLink. To view patent details, please scroll down and click on 'Patents'.
MySingleLink uses one step authentication without user id, password, two factor authentication or one time passcode.

One step authentication can be used for secured transactions such as logins, payment, help desk, lockers, access control and more.

One step authentication can be used in multi channels like mobile app, web site, in-store, help desk, interactive voice response and more.

MySingleLink has also developed SDKs and APIs, so that any app or web site can use their patented authentication technology.

Mission Statement

MySingleLink's mission is to provide cutting edge, pro-active, affordable, and first in the industry cybersecurity and transaction solutions for Merchants and Consumers based on their US Issued Patents.

  • Cutting Edge:
    MySingleLink products always use cutting edge mobile and internet technologies. For example, Consumers simply use a mobile App to scan a QR Code displayed by Merchants, while holding a finger on finger print reader to transact with the Merchant for any application. Please see the details under the menu 'Our Technology -> Overview'.
  • Pro Active:
    Unlike re-active solutions for data breach and credit card fraud such as credit monitoring provided by companies like LifeLock, MySingleLink provides pro-active solutions such as Biometric Authentication thru Mobile App for secured transactions.
  • Affordable:
    Unlike credit monitoring services, MySingleLink's apps and services are free for Consumers. The savings for Merchants are substantial, for example Restaurants can save $30,000 per location per year without any significant investment. Please see the details under the menu 'Our Technology -> Return On Investment'.
  • First in the Industry:
    MySingleLink is the inventor of mobile wallet technology as described in their Patents submitted in 2011.
    MySingleLink is also the inventor of Smart Lockers with dedicated controllers, based on Patents submitted in 2017, used by sellers for order pick-up and by buyers for in-home delivery.
  • Cybersecurity:
    Instead of protecting Consumer data thru decades old technology of using user id and password, MySingleLink provides protection thru authentication and without user id and password. Phishing. which is possible with user id and password, is responsible for more than 90% of data breach and credit card fraud. Example: the latest 'Twitter Hack'.
  • Transactions:
    MySingleLink supports many transactions such as user id and password less logins, card less payments, key less lockers, access control, e-commerce conducted online as well as at the store and many more. Please get the details from the menu 'Products and Services -> All'.


MySingleLink has an open door policy for their users namely Consumers and Merchants just like they have for their Employees. Users can directly contact the presidant Mr. Gopal Nandakumar at (210) 325 6135 or by email Please use open door contact only when all other contacts could not solve problems.


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