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MySingleLink has a simple solution to reduce significantly Data Breaches and Credit/Debit Card fraud.

The most widely used technique by advanced hackers is phishing, which is to disguise their actions to mimic those known and trusted by Merchants. Phishing is possible with Verification method and not with Authentication method.

MySingleLink takes a pro-active step whereas Dark Web Scan tries to take action after Consumer sensitive information has been hacked.

MySingleLink provides the service for Consumers for free, whereas Dark Web Scan costs a minimum of $9.99 per monthe per Consumer.

By using MySingleLink's Authentication technology, Merchants can authenticate their customers safely without user id and password and by using MySingleLink's Log-In, Payment and Identification Services, Merchants can protecct Customers' sensitive information.
MySingleLink's Password Less Log-Ins and Payment Serevices are free for Consumers.
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