Locker Management

  • Any cabinet can be converted into electronic Smart Lockers, just by installing Smart Locks developed by MySingleLink based on their US Issued and Pending Patents.
  • Smart Locks use state of the art internet and mobile technology and are equipped with a dedicated key board, controller, wi-fi connector and built-in software.
  • The built-in software can be interfaced with any cloud based application.
  • The cloud based application can be interfaced with any mobile apps, web sites, kioskes and display monitors.
  • Smart Lockers can eliminate retail counters, kiosks, drive-thru windows and extend last mile deliveries to last inch deliveries.
  • Since Samrt Lockers are Do It Yourself (DIY) gadgets, the overall initial and recurring costs can be lowered at least by 50%.
  • Since Smart Lockers support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology, Smart Locker Owners do not require any special hardware.
  • Smart Locks can be easily incorporated in existing package delivery lockers to remove the central kiosk to save money and time
  • Following are some of the applications where Smart Lockers are being used:
    • In-Store Order Pick-up
    • Drive-Thru Order Pick-up
    • Shared Locker Order Pick-up
    • Airport Gate Order Pick-up
    • In-Hom Order Deliveries
    • Rental Lockers
    • Sample Delivery Lockers
    • This list is growing, please check back again

Last Inch In-Home Delivery Lockers

Customer places delivery orders to be delivered to a location where Consumer Delivery Locker is installed Delivery persons scan the QR Code displayed on the delivery locker or enter a code provided by order recipients to open the deliery locker and leave the goods.
Recipients retrieve the goods from inside.