Smart Lockers

  • Smart Lockers can be interfaced with any mobile apps, web sites, kioskes and display monitors.
  • Samrt Lockers are 'Do It Yourself' (DIY) gadgets that can be used for in-store order pick-up, drive-thru order pick-up, concession stand order pick-up, food-truck order pick-up, in-door or door order delivery for homes, apartments and offices.

In-Home Delivery Lockers

Customer places delivery orders to be delivered to a location where In-Home Delivery Locker is installed Delivery persons scan the QR Code displayed on the delivery locker or enter a one-time code provided by order recipients or enter a few selected digits of tracking number to open the deliery locker and leave the goods.
Recipients retrieve the goods from inside.



Store Locker


Drive-Thru Locker


Airport Store Locker


Airport Gate Locker


Movie Theatre Concession Locker


Movie Theatre Locker


In-Home Delivery Locker

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