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Smart Lockers

  • Can be used as a consumer as well as a merchant locker.
  • Ideal for consumers for in-door and door deliveries and pick-ups and ideal for merchants for in-store, store front, curbside and drive-thru order pick-ups.
  • 100% contact less, Key less and can be opened using a one-time code or few digits of tracking number or using a mobile device.
  • With built-in smart tracking, on the day of delivery, a few digits of tracking number will be automatically set as a one-time code for each package being delivered.
  • Built with individually controlled wifi connector, controller and a dedicated mobile number.
  • Built with heavy metal (18 gauge Galvannealed steel) to be strong and secured.
  • 18" and 24" are pre-assembled, and 30" is easy to assmble.
    Please scroll down to see assembly instruction video and manual.
  • Can be manufactured in any size and color, but following are our standard sizes in white and black.
    Buy 18.00" Cube Locker $499.00.
    (3.38 cubic feet and can hold up to 15.00" X 15.00" X 17.00" package).
    Buy 24.00" Cube Locker $649.00.
    (8.00 cubic feet and can hold up to 21.00" X 21.00" X 23.00" package).
    Buy 30.00" Cube Locker $799.00.
    (15.63 cubic feet and can hold up to 27.00" X 27.00" X 29.00" package).

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  Consumer Locker

Merchant Locker

Consumer Locker
In-Door & Door (Homes, Apartments and Offices) Delivery & Pick-up Lockers

Customers place delivery orders to be delivered to a location where Delivery & Pick-up Locker is installed

Customers can also request a shipper to pick-up packages from a location where Delivery & Pick-up Locker is installed

Buit-in Smart Tracking technology would automatically set a few digits in tracking number as one-time code for each package

Delivery persons enter a few digits in the tracking number (example: last 6 digits) or enter a code printed on the way bill or delivery persons use shipper provided mobile device to scan the QR Code displayed on the locker to open the locker.

For In-Door Delivery and Pick-up, deliver persons access the lockers from out-door and locker owners access the locker from in-door.

For Door Delivery and Pick-up, both delivery persons and locker owners access the lockers from out-door.


In-Door Delivery & Pick-up - Window Mounted

A custom back plate to fit the window will be provided by MySingleLink.
No holes to drill or to make any changes in the window.



A hole in the wall to insert the locker is required
Professional help may be required
In-Home Delivery Locker:


Door Delivery & Pick-up
Wall Mounted (Back Flush)

Door Delivery & Pick-up
Ground Mounted

6 or 8 holes of 1/4" diameter in the wall will be required
4 holes of 1/2" diameter on the ground will be required

Door Delivery & Pick-up - Shared Locker

Shared Lockers are ideal for mutli-unit complex, apartments and offices.
Here is how it works:
  • Authorizsed consumers can reserve or rent a locker for any period of time using a mobile app.
  • Consumers can use last 6 digits of any number of tracking numbers as one time code.
  • Delivery person can find the locker number from a display monitor using the tracking number where the last 6 digits will be hidden.
  • Delivery person can enter the last 6 digits of tracking number to open the locker.
  • Delivery person can leave or pickup the package.

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