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Smart Lockers

  • Can be used as a consumer as well as a merchant locker.
  • 100% contact less, Key less and can be opened using a one-time code or by scanning a QR Code.
  • Made in USA and built with heavy metal (18 gauge Galvannealed steel) to be strong and secured.
  • For security, Lockers are self-closing and self-locking.
  • For faster servcie, built with individually controlled wifi connector, controller and stackable.
  • Shipped as assembled or easy to assemble.
  • Please scroll down to see assembly instruction video and manual.
Consumer Locker

  • Protects in-door and door deliveries and pick-ups from porch pirates and bad weather.
  • One-time code can be pre-determined number of digits in the tracking number..
  • When Auto-Pilot mode is turned on, the one-time code for each package will be automatically loaded into the locker.
  Merchant Locker

  • Replaces counters and drive-thru windows. Reduces wait times by 80% with 100% order accuracy.
  • One-Time code can be any piece of inforatmion from the order receipt such as, few digits from order/tracking number, or last 4 digits of credit/debit card number and like.
  • Supports mult-level locations where order preparation and pickup are at different levels.
    No conveyor belt is required.

Consumer Locker
In-Door & Door (Homes, Apartments and Offices) Delivery & Pick-up Lockers

Customers place delivery orders to be delivered to a location where Delivery & Pick-up Locker is installed

Customers can also request a shipper to pick-up packages from a location where Delivery & Pick-up Locker is installed

Buit-in 'Auto Pilot' technology would automatically set a few digits in the tracking number (example: last 6 digits) as one-time code for each package

Delivery persons enter a few digits in the tracking number (example: last 6 digits) or enter a code printed on the way bill or delivery persons use shipper provided mobile device to scan the QR Code displayed on the locker to open the locker.

For In-Door Delivery and Pick-up, delivery persons access the lockers from out-door and locker owners access the locker from in-door.

For Door Delivery and Pick-up, both delivery persons and locker owners access the lockers from out-door.


In-Door Delivery & Pick-up - Window Mounted

A custom back plate to fit the window will be provided by MySingleLink.
No holes to drill or to make any changes in the window.



In-Door Delivery & Pick-up - Wall Mounted

A hole in the wall to insert the locker is required
Professional help may be required


Door Delivery & Pick-up
Wall Mounted (Back Flush)

Door Delivery & Pick-up
Ground Mounted

6 or 8 holes of 1/4" diameter in the wall will be required
4 holes of 1/2" diameter on the ground will be required

Door Delivery & Pick-up - Shared Locker

Shared Lockers are ideal for mutli-unit complex, apartments and offices.
Here is how it works:
  • Authorizsed consumers can reserve or rent a locker for any period of time using a mobile app.
  • Consumers can use last 6 digits of any number of tracking numbers as one time code.
  • Delivery person can find the locker number from a display monitor using the tracking number where the last 6 digits will be hidden.
  • Delivery person can enter the last 6 digits of tracking number to open the locker.
  • Delivery person can leave or pickup the package.

Instructions Video


Merchant Locker
Store Order Pick-up Lockers
(In-Store, Curbside, Store Front and Drive-Thru Lane)

Merchants leave goods inside Smart Lockers. The lockers could be placed in-store over the counter or in-store attached to walls or placed at curbside or attached to store front or placed at drive-thru lane.
The Smart Lockers can automatically open and close by itself.
  Customer scans the QR Code displayed at the Smart Locker while holding their finger on the finger print reader or enter a code printed on their receipt to unlock the locker.

In-Srore (Counter)


In-Store (Wall Mounted)



Lockers may be mounted on top of a counter at the curbside or may be mounted to a wall at the curbside.

Store Front

Lockers may be mounted on store front.

Drive-Thru Lane

Drive-Thru Lockers can reduce Drive-Thru wait time at least by 80%, increase order accuracy to 100%, reduce vehicle emission and let Consumers save on their gas spending.
  • Change Drive-Thru Lane and Passing Lane into Wait Lane and Locker Lane
  • Install display monitors that would display order statusus including Locker number for the orders that are ready
  • In every parking space in wait lane Install iPosters (paper posters) that would have QR Codes for the Consumers to place an Order or to let the Merchant know that the customer is ready to pick-up
  • Locker number for each order will be displayed on a display monitor and/or sent to customers electronically. Upon knowing the locker number customers would move to Locker Lane and proceed to the specified Locker.
  • Customers still wanting to place orders thru ordering station can move to the ordering station thru Wait Lane and place the orders. Ordering station can be verbal and/or kiosk.
  • At the locker, customers simply scan a QR Code or enter a one time code for the locker to automatically open and close.
  Drive-Thru Locker Animation:

Drive-Thru Locker Video:
All-in-one Video:

Sample Delivery Lockers

Sample Distributors usually leave the samples on a counter, so that prospective Customers can pick-up the samples. Sample Distributors would never know about the prospective Customers and would never know about their response.

With Sample Pick-up Lockers, Sample Distributors would know more about prospective Customers and would receive their response.

Sample Distributors would place the samples inside Sample Pick-up Lockers.

Consumers scan the QR Code displayed on the Locker to open the Locker and pick-up the samples.

After consuming the samples, the Consumers can send their responses from the mobile device. The Sample Distributors can also send a request for a response from Consumers, if they have not received a response.

Order Pick-up Shared Lockers
(Food Court, Airport Gate, Movie Theatre and Stadiums)

Shared Locker Operators place orders inside Smart Lockers.

Customer scans the QR Code displayed at the Smart Locker while holding their finger on the finger print reader or enter a code printed on the receipt to unlock the locker.
  Airport Gate Locker Station
Movie Theatre Concession Stand
  Movie Theatre Entance Locker Station

Rental Lockers

  • Consumers can use a mobile device to scan a QR Code to rent any available Smart Locker in the Locker Station.

  • Consumers can use a mobile device to Scan a QR Code displayed on a Smart Locker or enter an assigned code in the key pad to unlock.

  • Consumers can also use a mobile device app to unlock the Smart Locker remotely to provide access to others.

  • Consumers can also use a mobile device app to extend the rent.

In-Door Delivery Drone Lockers (Future)

  • Customer places delivery orders to be delivered to a location where Consumer Delivery Locker is installed

  • Drone, upon landing on the drone platform would read sensor attached to the drone platform and then send a request to the Locker Server to open the Locker.

  • Upon receiving a successful response from the Locker Server, the drone would drop the weight to open the door and then drop the package.

  • Recipients retrieve the goods from inside.


Integrated Order Work Flow


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