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Merchant Locker

  MySingleLink's Smart Merchant Lockers are:

  Problem solver   Affordable
Can be Purchased for $499.00 or Rented for $1.50 per day
  Easy to Implement & Easy to Use   Multiple monnting options (In-Store, Curbside, Store-Front & Drive-Thru)  
  Can be used by all Businesses   Highest Return on Investment
(Minimum 100% per month)
(No Questions Asked Return Policy)
  Built-in Interface with all POS & Online Ordering Systems
(No additional software development is required)
  Protects Environment  
  Independently controlled and No Wait-Lines   Built for Today's and for Tomorrow's Technology
(Buit for Drone and Driver-less Vehicle Pickup)

Problem (Example: Quick Service Restaurants)

  Slower Service, Order Errors and Increasing Costs are ever growing problems for Restaurants.  
Following are the statistics from QSR Magazine:
Here are additional problems:
  Customers spent an average of 255 seconds from speaker to order window om 2019, about 20 seconds longer than in 2018.   Labor costs to manually handle orders can be a minimum of $30,000 per year per store.  
  The order accuracy in 2019 was less than 85%.   Cost for online orline ordering services is about 15% or sales  
  The total times across all brands in 2020 is 29.8 seconds slower than 2019.   Even with online orders, merchants have to physically hand over goods to customers and delivery service providers.  
  In 2020 Loss in reveue opportuinities due to slower times was $32,091 annually per store.   According to Sierra Club (Hay Mr. Green), 0.7 gallons of gas is burnt for every hour a vehicle is idled. Based on 255 seconds from ordering station to pick up window, 12 million gallons of gas is burnt every year in US alone.  
  Fast-Food Drive Thrus Got 20 Seconds Slower in 2019.

Please click here to view the details in QSR Magazine.
Drive-Thru Accuracy Declines After Two-Year Improvement.

Please click here to view the details in QSR Magazine.
How bad is the Drive-Through?

Please click here to view the details in Hey, Mr.Green Magazine.
  Even though the statistics cited here is for Quick Service Restaurants, it is applicable for all businesses.  

Merchant Locker Solution

  • Install our stackable and affordable Smart Lockers for in-store, store-front, curbside and drive-thru pickups.
  • Our propreitory wallet payment services can accept any online orders securely even with unprotected wi-fi networks. Pay an affordable monthly fee for unlimited service.
  • Smart lockers can replace counters, curbside runners, drive-thru ordering stations and drive-thru windows.
  • Store-front lockers are better alternative to drive-thrus where drive-thrus are not available.
  • Curbside and store-front pickups are mot required, where drive-thru is available.
  • Enjoy a minimum savings of $30,000 per year per location with almost no investment.
  Our solution earned us 'Smartbrief Award for Food Service for 2021' presented by Smartbrief in partnership with National Restaurant Association.

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Our lockers are available in multiple colors and sizes

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Merchant Locker
Store Order Pick-up Lockers
(In-Store, Curbside, Store Front and Drive-Thru Lane)


  Drive-Thru Lockers can reduce Drive-Thru wait time at least by 80%, increase order accuracy to 100%, reduce vehicle emission and let Consumers save on their gas spending.
  • Change Drive-Thru Lane and Passing Lane into Wait Lane and Locker Lane
  • Install display monitors that would display order statusus including Locker number for the orders that are ready
  • In every parking space in wait lane Install iPosters (paper posters) that would have QR Codes for the Consumers to place an Order or to let the Merchant know that the customer is ready to pick-up
  • Locker number for each order will be displayed on a display monitor and/or sent to customers electronically. Upon knowing the locker number customers would move to Locker Lane and proceed to the specified Locker.
  • Customers still wanting to place orders thru ordering station can move to the ordering station thru Wait Lane and place the orders. Ordering station can be verbal and/or kiosk.
  • At the locker, customers simply scan a QR Code or enter a one time code for the locker to automatically open and close.
  Drive-Thru Locker Traffic Management:

Drive-Thru Locker Video:
    To see in detail how our Smart Lockers wotk for Merchants and Consuemrs, view our All-in-one Video:  

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