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Waitlist Walk-In/Appointment/Reservation

  • Merchants maintain a paper or a computer based system using verification method to manage Walk-In/Appointment/Reservation.
  • In both systems, Customers are requested to wait in line and hand out personal information verbally to Merchants' Associates.
  • Even Customers checked-in online cannot skip lines.
  • The handed over sensitive information which might end up in Darkweb and/or with Robo Callers.

  • MySingleLink's Authentication lets the Customers to skip the wait line without handing out any information to the Merchants or their associates.
  • It also provides many additional benefits.

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Customers can make appointment/reservation using '' or 'MSL Wallet' mobile app with any merchants that accept Appointment/Reservation.

  • Customers with or without Appointment/Reservation use their mobile devices to sign-in by scanning a QR Code displayed by the Merchant.
  • Customer never have to wait in line to sign-in with the host/receptionist.
  • Customers can view the products and services offered by the Merchant while waiting.
  • At the time of sign-in Customers can also send e-Gift cards to any recipients.
  • At the time of sign-in Customers can also pre-authorize payment.
  • Merchants or their associates would never get or handle Customer sensitive information like Credit/Debit card or Bank account number or mobile number.
  • Merchants display the waitlist information on a big TV Monitor.
  • Customers can view their waiting status on a big TV Monitor and/or on their mobile device.
  • Associates would greet the Customers and provide service.
  • Customers wait time may be based on their loyalty level.

  Walk-In Online
Here is how it works:
iPoster Signin   Waitlist Guest QR Code  
Merchant displays an iPoster with a QR Code and directions on how to sign-in.   Consumer uses mobile app to sign-in   Merchant maintains waitlist using a mobile device and/or a PC
iPoster Signin   Big Screen Display  
Merchant also manages available resources using a mobile tablet or PC. Available Resources will be tables and waiters in the case of Restaurants.   Merchant also displays the waitlist on a big TV Monitor   Analytics
Merchants would receive daily Analytics by eMail and also can view them for any period as shown above.
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