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MSL Smart Locker:
'MSL Smart Locker' is a 'Do It Yourself' (DIY) electronic locker that use 'MSL Smart Lock'. It can be used as following:
    • Dedicated Merchant Order Pick-up Locker.
    • Shared Merchant Order Pick-up Locker.
    • In-Home Package Delivery Locker for Single Family Homes.
    • Shared Package Delivery Locker for Multi Family Homes and Apartments.
    • Offices.

    Any cabinet can be converted into a 'MSL Smart Locker', just by installing the 'MSL Smart Lock' in the cabinet.
    Please scroll down to see details about 'MSL Smart Lock'.
    To know more about 'MSL Smart Lockers', please select 'Locker Management' under the drop down menu "Products & Services".
MSL Smart Lock:
  • Any cabinet or locker can be converted into a Smart Locker.
  • Any unrestricted entrance can be converted into restricted entrance.
  • Each Smart Lock is built with a dedicated controller, a dedicated WIFI connector, a dedicated key pad and a unique QR Code.
  • The Smart Lock can be interfaced with any mobile app and can be hosted in any server.
  • Smart Locks can be unlocked by scanning the QR Code displayed on the locker or by entring a one-time or reusable code.
  • Unlimited number of Lockers, in any Locker Station, can be unlocked or locked simultaneously to reduce wait times significantly.
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