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Our Technology

When our free app 'MSL Wallet', available for iOS and Android devices is used, consumers and merchants will be sheilded from hackers and fraudsters.

No data breaches, no credit card fraud and no fake goods for consumers. No charge backs for merechants. Works for both online and offline transactions.

Using 'MSL Wallet' is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
  • Merchant displays a QR Code
  • Consumers use 'MSL Wallet' to scan the QR Code while holding a finger on the finger print reader
  • The transaction will be executed securely without transmitting or sharing with merchants any sensitive information

Here is how transactions are handled:
  • Payment transactions, if any, will be processed through merchant credit card processor without any middle man such as 'Paypal'.
  • Package delivery transactions, if any, the delivery locker (in-home delivery, door delivery, apartment delivery) will be opened for the delivery person to place the goods.
  • Package pickup transactions, if any, the pickup lockers (in-store or at drive-thru) will be opened for the customer to pickup the goods

Our techology is based on one or more of our following patents:
8,505,079 - 8,533,802 - 8,566,957 - 8,695,071 - 8,713,656 - 8,800,014 - 9,112,847 - 9,584,499.

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