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Authentication Technology:

Using 'MSL Wallet' is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and can be used for all sensitive and non-sensitive transactions.

For impeccable protection Authentication is used instead of vulnerable Verification method.

Authentication allows Merchants to execute sensitive transactions without accessing Consumers' sensitive information such as password, credit/debit card number, bank account number, secured access code, cell phone number etc., whereas Verification method requires Merchants to access Consumers' sensitive information to execute sensitive transactions.

  • Using 'MSL Wallet' app, Consumer scans a code displayed by Merchants, with or without finger print authentication to authenticate themselves.
  • Upon confirmation of authentication, Merchants can execute transactions without accessing Consumers' sensitive information.
    • Note:
    • Merchant can use Credit Card terminals, Point of Sales systems, MySingleLink Virtual Terminals, Web Sites, Customer Help Centers, Order Pick-up Lockers, In-Home Delivery Lockers etc.
  • MySingleLink has developed many applications using Authentication method based on US Patents* issued to MySingleLink and Pending Patents for impeccable security.

    To know more about MySinglLink applications, pleast select all or individual application under the drop down menu "Products & Services".

    *8,505,079 - 8,533,802 - 8,566,957 - 8,695,071 - 8,713,656 - 8,800,014 - 9,112,847 - 9,584,499.
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