Our Technology

Authentication Technology:

Using 'MSL Wallet' is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and can be used for all sensitive and non-sensitive transactions.

To protect Consumers' sensitive infomation, 'MSL Wallet' uses Authentication instead of vulnerable Verification method.

Authentication allows Merchants to execute sensitive transactions without accessing Consumers' sensitive information such as password, credit/debit card number, bank account number, secured access code, cell phone number etc., whereas Verification method requires Merchants to access Consumers' sensitive information to execute sensitive transactions.

  • Using 'MSL Wallet' app, Consumer scans a code displayed by Merchants, with or without finger print authentication to authenticate themselves.
  • Upon confirmation of authentication, Merchants can execute transactions without accessing Consumers' sensitive information.
    • Note:
    • Merchant can use Credit Card terminals, Point of Sales systems, MySingleLink Virtual Terminals, Web Sites, Customer Help Centers, In-Home Delivery Lockers etc.
  • MySingleLink has developed many applications using Authentication method based on US Patents* issued to MySingleLink and Pending Patents for impeccable security.

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    *8,505,079 - 8,533,802 - 8,566,957 - 8,695,071 - 8,713,656 - 8,800,014 - 9,112,847 - 9,584,499.