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Our Technology


Our patented one step authentication, which is nothing but the consumers scan a QR code issued by merchants while holding a finger on the finger print reader, enabled us to develop several applications..
  • Our free consumer app 'MSL Wallet', available for iOS and Android devices, enables merchants to use 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) technology to shift many of the functions carried out by merchants to consumers and merchants can automate front of the house operations.
  • Our free merchant app 'MSL POS', available for iOS and Android devices, enables merchants to replace Point Of Sale systems with cloud based printers and cloud based dashboard to automate back of the house operations.
  • Now merchants can accept payments without consumers handing over credit cards or transmitting over merchant devices.
  • Now consumers and merchants can log into web sites, apps without use id and password.
  • Now consumers can check-in and/or sign-in without cell phone number.
  • Now consumers can pick-up In-store and drive-thru orders from Order Pick-up Lockers .
  • Now delivery persons can make In-Door and Door deliveries and pick-ups using Consumer Lockers.
  • No data breaches, no credit card fraud, no in-coming texting and no fake goods for consumers.
  • Influencer Coupons are generated and distributed through social contacts for each and every transaction and both influenvers and buyers would receive cash instantly.
  • Now merchants can provide contact less order pick-ups for consuemrs.
  • Now consumers can provide contact less deliveries and pick-ups for delivery persons.
Using 'MSL Wallet' is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
  • Merchant displays a QR Code
  • Consumers use 'MSL Wallet' or any approved app to scan the QR Code while holding a finger on the finger print reader
  • The transaction will be executed securely without transmitting or sharing with merchants any sensitive information

Using 'MSL POS' and/or virtual terminals, merchants can view the status of all transactions in progress and take actions.

Here is how transactions are handled:
  • All transactions will be processed thru cloud based applications. Merchants do not have to use a physical POS.
  • Simultaneously, unlimited number of Orders, unlimited number of sign-ins and unlimited number of reservations received from multiple sources such as online, in-store, drive-thru, email, text message or phones can be processed.
  • Transactions will be sent to cloud receipt printer and/or to order automation dashboard and will be processed thru transaction management application.
  • Transactions can be processed from the beginning to end using one or more of the following methods:
    • App Method: Merchants can scan the QR Code printed on the receipt to move the orders thru each stage.
    • Virtual Terminal: Merchants can access the Dashboard using a computer or a tablet to move the orders thru each stage.
  • Payment transactions will be executed by payment application and can be processed through merchant credit card processor without any middle man such as 'Paypal', 'G Pay' and 'Amazon Pay'.
  • Payment, Gift Card, Coupon and Rewards transactions will be linked into a single transaction.
  • Package delivery transactions will be executed by locker application where the delivery locker (in-home, in-office, porch and apartment delivery) can be opened electronically by the delivery person to place the goods.
  • Package pickup transactions will be executed by locker application where the pickup lockers (in-store, curb side or drive-thru) can be opened electronically by the customer to pickup the goods.


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