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Our Products and Services can be used by all Merchant types and Consumers. Following examples are for Consumers:
Buy Online Pick-up From Locker (BOPFL) is getting rid of expensive Counters, Touch Screen Kiosks, Ordering Stations, Drive-Thru Windows and Curbside Deliveries.

  • Online Orders and In-Store Mobile Orders:

    • Consumers can place orders 24/7 from anywhere using computers and/or mobile devices.
    • Consumers can also place mobile orders at merchant locations during hours of operation.
    • Payment will be processed directly thru Merchants' credit card processors without exposing sensitive information to Merchants.
    • Consumers pick-up the goods from Lockers placed inside merchant locations or inside airports or inside stadiums or inside movie theatres or at drive-thru lanes or at curbsides.
    • Consumers can use their mobile devices or use a one-time code printed/displayed on sales receipts.
    • Merchants can also deliver the orders thru In-Home Delivery Lockers located at recipients' locations.

  • In-Store Counters/Touch Screen Kiosk Orders:

    • Consumers not having access to mobile devices can always use Counters/Touch Screen Kiosks.
    • Consumers receive a one-time code printed on the receipt.
    • Consumers can view the locker number on a TV monitor.
    • Consumers can enter the one-time code to unlock the locker.

In-Home Delivery Lockers:

Delivery persons can leave Package/Food/Groceries inside secured area without entering into secured area:
  • Consumers place orders online using any Web Site or App.
  • Delivery persons use mobile devices to scan the tracking number and scan the QR Code displayed on the In-Home Delivery Locker to open the Locker and leave the goods.
  • Alternatively delivery persons enter a one-time code or few digits in tracking number to open the Locker and leave the goods.
  • Consumers pick-up the goods from inside of their secured living or office area.

For additional information on In-Home Delivery Lockers, please click here.
Password Less Website Log-in:

  • Consumers access a web site log-in page.
  • Merchants display a unique QR Code in the log-in page with instructions.
  • Consumers scan the QR Code using 'MSL Wallet' or Merchant App and follow the instructions.
  • Consumers authenticate with their finger print on the App or enter a unique one-time code on the log-in page to log in.
For additional information on Website Log-in, please click here.

Card Less Payment:

  • Consumers can make face to face payment, web site payment, App payment as well as over the phone payment.
  • Merchants display a QR Code received from 'MSL Wallet' or Merchant App.
  • Consumers scan the QR Code using 'MSL Wallet' or Merchant App while holding finger on the finger print to approve the payment.
  • Alternatively, Consumers can also hand over a one-time code called Single Use Digital Signature (SUDS) received from 'MSL Wallet' or Merchant App to the Merchant to approve the payment.
For additional information on Website Log-in, please click here.

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