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Full Service Restaurant

Following Products and Services are required to fully automate front and back of house operations of Full Service Restaurants. Price quoted below is per month for unlimited service:
  • Cloud Printer (Only One time cost $499.00)
  • Digital Display for Dashboard (Only One Time Cost $500.00)
  • Order Pick-up Lockers (Only One time cost $499.00 per Locker)
  • Sign-in Paper Kiosk (Free)
  • Realtime Dashboard Content (Free)
  • Waitlist Management ($19.99)
  • Order Management ($19.99)
  • Payment Management ($19.99)*
  • Payment Gateway ($15.00)*
  • Locker Management (First Locker $19.99 Additional Locker $2.99)
  • *Required only, if merchant's card processor is used
  • Web Meeting interface (example: zoom meeting) between customer and merchant (Free)
    • Guests, using Finger Print, can sign-in with pre-authorization for payment
    • While waiting, Guests can self order for drinks and pick them up from Lockers
    • After being seated, Guests can self order
    • Guests can also request for remote or face to face help any time
    • Employees follow instructions posted on dashboard and/or sent to their mobile devices
    • Orders will be served only by food handlers
    • Food handlers will not be allowed to handle dirty dishes
    • Washing hands by Food handlers in between handling every order is tracked
    • Body temparature of every employee is tracked
    • Guests can self sign-out
    • If both merchant and consumer participate in influencer coupon programs, then influencer coupons will be automatically generated and distributed.
    • Guests can buy and send Gift Cards in between sign-in and sign-out
    • The only brief contact between Guests and Employees would be when the order is served
    • Management can view the dash board remotely
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