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Full Service Restaurant

  • Guests, using Finger Print reader on their mobile devices, can sign-in with pre-authorization for payment
  • While waiting, Guests can self order for drinks and pick them up from Lockers
  • After being seated, Guests can use their mobile devivces to access a web site or an app or web meeting such as zoom to order
  • Guests can also request for remote or face to face help any time
  • Employees follow instructions posted on dashboard and/or sent to their mobile devices
  • Orders will be served only by food handlers
  • Food handlers will not be allowed to handle dirty dishes
  • Washing hands by Food handlers in between handling every order is tracked
  • Body temparature of every employee is tracked
  • Guests can self sign-out
  • If both merchant and consumer participate in influencer coupon programs, then influencer coupons will be automatically generated and distributed.
  • Guests can buy and send Gift Cards in between sign-in and sign-out
  • The only brief contact between Guests and Employees would be when the order is served
  • Management can view the dash board remotely

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