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Quick Service Restaurant

  • Guests, using Finger Print, can self order from in-door, curbside, drive-thru lane or from remote location.
  • Order receipts are printed with QR Codes and locker code
  • Employees prepare the order, scan the QR code printed on the receipt, scan the QR code of an empty Locker and place the order inside the Locker
  • Guests get Locker number in their mobile device and/or in a display monitor
  • Guests user their mobile device or the one time code printed on the receipt to open the Locker
  • Similar procedure also work for drive thru orders
  • Body temparature of every employee can be tracked and printed on the receipt
When handling orders from third parties that are not interfacced with 'MSL Wallet', then customers will be instructed to use last 6 digits of order confirmation number as locker code.

To view drive-thru order pickup animation click on the following video control:
Following Products and Services are required to fully automate front and back of house operations of Quick Service Restaurants. Price quoted below is per month for unlimited service:
  • Cloud Printer (Only One time cost $499.00)
  • Digital Display for Order Status (Only One Time Cost $500.00)
  • Order Pick-up Lockers (Only One time cost $499.00 per Locker). Installation cost, if any, is not included
  • Order Paper Kiosk (Free)
  • Realtime Order Status Content (Free)
  • Order Management ($19.99)
  • Payment Management ($19.99)*
  • Payment Gateway ($15.00)*
  • Locker Management (First Locker $19.99 Additional Locker $2.99)
  • *Required only, if merchant's card processor is used

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