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Dark Web


How does Dark Web work?

  • A data breach occurs when a cybercriminal successfully infiltrates a data source and extracts sensitive information. One of the methods used by cybercriminals is Social Attack.
  • Social attacks involve tricking or baiting employees and/or customers into giving access to the company's network. An employee can be duped into giving his/her login credentials or may be fooled into opening a malicious attachment.
  • The most widely used method for Social Attack is Phishing. The goal of a Phishing attempt is to trick the recipient into taking the attacker's desired action, such as providing login credentials or other sensitive information.
    For more detailed information on Phishing please click here or search for 'What is a Phishing Attack? Defining and Identifying Different Types'.
  • Once the cybercriminal gets into one computer, he/she can then attack the network and tunnel his/her way to confidential company data. Once the hacker extracts the data, the attack is considered successful. The login credentials are usually user id and password. The hacker can get sensitive information such as Social Security number and Bank Account informtion.
  • For more detailed information on data breaches please click here or search for 'Data Breaches 101: How They Happen, What Gets Stolen, and Where It All Goes'.
  • Hackers have the incentive to commit data breaches, because the sensitive information stolen through data breach have enormous value for the hackers. Following is an example of value of sensitive information:
    • Social Security number: $30.00
    • Date of birth: $11.00
    • Health insurance credentials: $20.00
    • Visa or MasterCard credentials: $4.00
    • For more detailed information on value of sensitive information please click here or search for 'What your information is worth on the black market -'.
  • Once a Data Breach is successful, the hackers can monetize the stolen data by selling them through Dark Web.

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