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MySingleLink is a DBA for Textile Computer Systems Inc, a Texas-USA based company, has been in business since 1987. MySingleLink is a technology company with a mission to provide cutting edge, pro-active and first in the industry solutions for Merchants and Consumers to solve many of the probelms they are facing as following:
  • Data Breach (Solution: Password-Less Logins)
  • Credit Card Fraud (Solution: Card Number Less Payments)
  • Porch Piracy (Solution: In-Home Delivery Lockers)
  • In-Store and Drive-Thru Wait Times (Solution: In-Store and Drive-Thru Mobile Orders and Pick-up Lockers)
  • Order accuracy less than 90% (Solution: Mobile Orders anywhere including at stores)
  • Business Cost (Solution: Support In-Store Lockers, Drive-Thru Lockers with Mobile Orders at Store)
  • Reactive Solutions such as credit monitoring (Solution: Pro-Active thru Authentication)
  • Fragmented and isolated customer database (Solution: Universal Customer Databse)

Following is our solution:
  • Bio-metric based authentication such as touch id and face id instead of using user id and passowrd.
  • Bio-metric based payment such as touch id and face id instead of using plastic cards.
  • Provide key pad and authentication based smart lockers for in-store pick-up, drive-thru pick-up and inhome deliveries.
  • Extend mobile online orders technology to in-store orders.

Here are the benefits:
  • Customer never wait in line in-store or at drie-thru to place or pick-up orders
  • Protect consumers from porch piracy, data breach and credit card fraud
  • Consumers never have to scan dark web
  • Merchants can save at least $30,000 per year per location
  • Merchants and Consumers can use secured universal customer database to stop data breach and crerdit card fraud

MySingleLink has an open door policy for our users namely Consumers and Merchants just like we have for our Employees. Our users can directly contact our presidant Mr. Gopal Nandakumar at (210) 325 6135 or by email We request our users to use our open door contact only when all other contacts could not solve their problems.
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