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MySingleLink is a DBA for Textile Computer Systems Inc, a Texas-USA based company, has been in business since 1987. MySingleLink is a technology company with a mission to provide cutting edge, pro-active and first in the industry solutions for Merchants and Consumers based on their patent applications filed in 2011. 'MSL Wallet' is a mobile wallet, frist in the industry, based on their pratents and same as EMVCo specifications published in 2014. 'MSL Wallet' can be used for any secured tracsactions such as payment, password less login, secured access etc.

Data Breach

Credit Card Fraud

  • In 2018 alone, 2.8 billion consumer data records were exposed at an estimated cost of more than $654 billion.
  • Consumer personally identifiable information was the leading type of data breach comprising 97% of all breaches
  • Unauthorized access and phishing are major source for data breaches
  • Credit Card numbers exposed in 2017 totaled 14.2 million, up 88% over 2016. In addition, nearly 158 million Social Security numbers were exposed in 2018.
  • Credit Card and/or Social Security numbers stored by Merchants and phishing with common user id and password are major source.
To view the full report click here. To view the full report click here.

identity Theft:
Card Numbers, User ID, Password, Mobile Numbers are sensitive information in any transaction
  • Sensitive information is never handed over to Merchants
  • Sensitive information is never transmitted
  • Hackers can never get sensitive information
  • Even open wifi netwrorks are safe
  • Two-Facotr Authentication which comproises First Factor is not used
  • Social Network sign-ins are not supported
  • Can be used for both online and offline including in-store transactions
  • Finger Print or Single Use Digital Signature is used as an authentication
  • Merchants can give 'Use Your Own Device' option to Consumers and Consumers can use their own devices as self-service kiosks.

Porch Piracy

  • Surging online sales invite more 'porch thefts'.
  • 30 percent of Americans say they've experienced porch piracy themselves.
To view the full report click here.

  • Delivery persons can use their company provided mobile app to scan a QR Code displayed on the Locker or enter a few digits from the tracking number in the Locker key pad to unlock the Locker and leave packages 24/7 from outside.
  • Recipients can pick-up the packages from inside.
  • MSL Smart Lockers can be used in single-family homes, multi-family homes, apartments and offices.
  • MSL Smart Lockers can be used for in-door and for door deliveries.
  • MSL Smart Lockers can be window mounted, wall flush mounted, wall rear mounted and ground mounted

In-Store and Drive-Thru Order Pickups

  • Average wait-time, at drive-thru, as measured between placing and receiving orders in 2018 was 234 seconds but true vehicle idling time may be as much as 10 minutes as measured between entering and leaving the location.
  • More Wait time at drive-thru means more pollution and less revenue for Merchants.
  • Average wait-time at counters are also significantly high.
  • For Quick Service businesses, 70% of orders come thru drive-thru.
  • Managing counters and drive-thru windows adds substantial cost to labor with reduced revenue.

To view the full report abut drive-rhu wait times and order accuracy click here.
In-door order pickip:
  • Consumers scan the QR Code printed on a paper kiosk or use a computer kiosk to place the order.
  • Consumers get the Locker number from the TV Monitor or on their cell phone.
  • Consumers scan the QR Code displayed on the Locker or enter a code printed on their receipt to unlock.
Drive-thru order pickip:
  • Consumers scan the QR Code printed on iPosters placed at drive-thru lanes to place orders.
  • Consumers get the Locker number from the TV Monitor or on their cell phone.
  • Consumers scan the QR Code displayed on the Locker or enter a code printed on their receipt to unlock.
To view drive-thru order pickup animation click on the following video control:

Business Cost


Merchants have to face ever increasing cost of doing businees, such as:

  • Raw material cost.
  • Payment processing cost.
  • Labor cost.
  • Real estate cost.

Merchants can easily control payment processing, labor and real estate cost.

Our Solution:

  • Merchants can reduce labor cost by accepting orders from buyers' mobile devices from anywhere including at merchant locations.
  • Merchants can eliminate high aggregator fees for online orders using 'MSL Wallet'.
  • Merchants can reduce order handling cost by setting up order pick-up lockers for buyers and for delivery service providers.
  • Merchants can reduce real estate cost by moving order preparation area away from street level, but leaving in-door and drive-thru order pick-up lockers at street level.

Pro-active reporting VS Reactive Solutions


  • Many solutions like credit monitoring, darkweb scanning, porch thefts reporting are reactive in nature.
  • Credit monitoring darkweb scanning are available only at a substantial recurring cost.
  • Data breaches in credit monitoring will show up only after the damage is done.
  • Credit card numbers in Darkweb will show up only after they have been stolen.
  • Porch thefts can be reported only after packages were stolen.
  • Many times the damage cannot be even reversed easily.

  • MySingleLink provides pro-active solutions as following:

    • Shielding all sensitive information like credit card number, passwords and mobile numbers from being stored, handled or transmitted by merchants, their partners and associates in any shape or format.
    • Providing Smart Lockers
MySingleLink has an open door policy for our users namely Consumers and Merchants just like we have for our Employees. Our users can directly contact our presidant Mr. Gopal Nandakumar at (210) 325 6135 or by email We request our users to use our open door contact only when all other contacts could not solve their problems.
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