About Us


MySingleLink is a DBA for Textile Computer Systems Inc, a Texas-USA based company, bas been in business since 1987. MySingleLink is a technology company providing cutting edge technologies for Merchants and Consumers using mobile devcies and internet. MySingleLink's primary focus is protecting Merchants and Consumers from data breach, credit card fraud, merchandise theft, porch piracy saving the environment and at the same time reduce cost.

We have an open door policy for our users namely Consumers and Merchants just like we have for our Employees. Our users can directly contact the president of our company Mr. Gopal Nandakumar at (210) 325 6135 or by email gnandakumar@mysinglelink.com. We request our users to use our open door contact only when all other contacts could not solve their problems.
  • To protect Merchants as well as Consumers from data breach, Credit/Debit/Bank account fraud, MySingleLink extensively uses Authentication ranther than Verification methods . To know more about Authentication Technology, please visit 'Our Technology' page or click here.

  • To save Merchantdise from porch piracy, MySingleLink provides In-Home Electronic Delivery Lockers. To know more about In-Home Electronic Delivery Lockers, please visit 'Products & Services -> Locker Management -> In-Home Delivery Locker' page or please click here.

  • To save the Environment, MySingleLink extensively uses digital documents rather than plastic or paper documents and Electronic Lockers in Drive-Thru lanes.
    • Digital documents such as Credit/Debit cards, eGift cards, eCoupons, eBusiness cards can reduce drastically plastic and paper consumption
    • Smart Lockers in Drive-Thru Lanes can reduce the vehicle wait time drastically and reduce carbon emission. To know more about Drive-Thru Lane Lockers, please visit 'Products & Services -> Locker Management -> Dedicated Pick-up Locker (In-Store and Drive-Thru)' page or click here.

  • To reduce cost and to enhance security, MySingleLink extensively provides self-service options for Consumers using their own mobile devices known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept.
    • BYOD replaces expensive counters and/or drive-thru windows with Point of Sales systems
    • BYOD replaces expensive self-service Kiosks
    • BYOD replaces manual signing of Customer by hosts and receptionists

Merchants can customize MySingleLink applicatitions or create their own applications using the interfaces provided by MySingleLink.